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Why Focusing On What Matters Makes Life Easier
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Why Focusing On What Matters Makes Life Easier

When the urge for mountain climbing developed inside me a decade ago, I have since done a lot of research and watched a number of video clips relating to mountain climbers. However, there is one unique aspect about mountain climbing that has stuck up in my mind. I have on several occasions seen people of advanced ages, 80 years and above, some with various disabilities climbing. I have also witnessed children climbing- which sends out a clear message: that it is not the physical condition or strength that makes a successful mountain climber, but a strength of mind. The mind’s triumph over matter.

This triumph of the mind is what we require not only to overcome physical mountains but over the mountains that we encounter in our everyday life. The battle is neither a race to the swift nor to the strong. Some of the renowned generals in history have been frail, some of them were physically on wheelchairs, yet they dominated and ruled over people of physical strength and great stature.

Therefore, the big question comes up thus; in spite of our disabilities, how can we train our minds to get to a point where it can subdue our preeminence over our circumstances and our bodies? How do we arrive at that point where we can impose our mindset on our conditions and actually see the conditions align with the state of our mind? Let’s find out.

  • First things first: The first priority is to make sure that we fertilize our minds on regular basis. Every bit of additional value you inject into your mind determines how much value your mind adds to your life. For instance, we cannot feed our bodies four times daily and feed our minds once in a week and expect it to deliver good results. Feeding the mind ought to be a consistent, conscious practice.
  • Analogy: Prior to the invention of digital cameras, one had to purchase film, after which there were three steps you were to follow in order to obtain a picture. The first stage was to insert the film into the camera; step two was to focus on the subject that you want to take an image of. Finally, the film would be removed and taken to the studio for processing and printing. This sequence is as relevant to our lives today just as it was to the analogue cameras in the days gone by.
  • The mind’s camera: On what object have you focused your mind’s camera on? You may not want to focus on negativity such as gossip and hope to be successful. Of course such conversations will not take you anywhere. The law of the mind cannot be deceived because whatever you focus your mind on will eventually turn out to be your reality. As individual persons think, indeed so they are. Change your life by changing your mind’s focus.
  • Leave the past: People who focus on their past end up living mediocre lives. If your past was great and some unforeseeable circumstances forced you into your current state, you can do yourself a very big favor; stop focusing on it. Instead, focus on the kind of future you desire and on the steps that can get you there. Remember that a mind that is mediocre lives in the good wonderful old days, whereas the progressive mind believes in a new and better future irrespective of your current situation.
  • Processing the film: By meditating on the things we have heard and seen, your mind is actually developing the film. The things you think about consistently somehow get to grow inside you. Many people often spend time thinking about the problem and not on the solution. In this way, the problem develops thus, becoming ever so intimidating. So the mind starts to conjure all manner of possibilities most of which are negative.

Amid all kinds of challenges, what your mind focused on prior to those challenges is determined by the power of thought. Change in life transforms from the inside out. Shift what you focus on. Alter that which is developing inside your mind and you will transform your life.


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