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Wheelchair User Races the Tube
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Wheelchair User Races the Tube

Anthony Ince is the man in the video racing the Tube while on his wheelchair. He filmed himself doing so in order to raise awareness regarding the inaccessibility of the city he is living in and also to let the government know that wheelchair users like him are having a hard time getting around the UK because of the lack of step-free stops and train stations.

Anthony has cerebral palsy and has been using a wheelchair ever since. He cruises the streets of London and goes to train stations while on his wheelchair. However, Anthony felt the difficulty of going around the capital because of inaccessibility especially for people with disabilities.

To him, living his life as a wheelchair user already presented numerous challenges; how much more so with the city’s inaccessible train stations and a number of inconsiderate citizens. And Anthony wants to communicate such hardship to the government as well as the people around him. But how in the world would he do that?

When Anthony saw a video about a man racing the Tube and winning, he was inspired to do the same. He wanted to do the challenge because for him, it will be a great way to convey what he wanted the UK government to know and the public to realize.

With the help of the anonymous free helper, the Free Help Guy, Anthony filmed himself racing from one station to another. The race was going smooth and well until Anthony reached Canon Street. He could not go on because of the lack of step-free access in the capital’s transport stations.

The only possible way to reach the station or the platform is through a long set of stairs which is impossible for a man using a wheelchair. Anthony’s race was abruptly halted because of the inaccessible transport system.

According to Anthony, people using wheelchairs cannot access 75% of the city’s stops due to insufficient accessibility systems for the disabled. Anthony’s video, racing the Tube, highlighted such issue which hopefully will be an eye-opener to the government for them to allocate funds to develop the transport systems to be accessible for everyone.

Anthony’s video was created to also raise awareness to the public because part of the problem of wheelchair users is the attitude of the people towards the disabled in London. Anthony stated that there are people who are inconsiderate and impolite towards those who have physical limitations.

He even recalled how delighted he was when things were beginning to change during the Paralympics held in the UK a couple of years ago. He thought that the event would be the turning point regarding the attitude and treatment of the public towards the disabled. But after the event, everything went to back the way it was before.

Bus drivers would just drive off seeing people in wheelchairs. Others are not even helpful of those who are having a hard time in train stations.

Anthony hopes that his video will be a way to raise awareness to the public and a stepping stone to make the government realize that the UK’s inaccessible transport system is making the lives of wheelchair users unnecessarily difficult. Hopefully, Anthony’s effort of racing the Tube will pay off.

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