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Why Not Tie the Knot?
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Why Not Tie the Knot?

Any disability, of any kind, can lead people to succumb to their developmental issues in life.

Unfortunately, disabilities are often still considered a taboo. This physical state can dominate  anyone's mind set, crushing the inner person that is neither disabled, nor is incapable. Given the fact that they too can reach to heights of success, they should be provided with love, care, and a normal status during all phases of life.

Sadly, discrimination starts quite early. From special schools and special play areas, to "specia"l and very limited job options, this segregation can ultimately lead to a lonely life. They are denied from worldly pleasures because tag of "invalid" often stays strongly pinned to them.

What a sad reality!

Through this blog,  I’d like to thank two happy couples bringing forth their exceptionally beautiful happy marriages, their love-stories. Stories many people would have never imagined.

With so much misery surrounding faithfulness and integrity, giving way to short-term relationships and breakups, these stories prove that it just takes a heart to love and be compatible. The rest is false.

Instead of a person being denied any kind of long-term commitment or relationship, he or she should be given a chance to mingle with people of a similar situation, if possible. The chemistry often works magically, because they understand each other like no one else can, and then get ahead. Because of this, they can plan their lives better.

Michel and Laurie Zeilberger married seventeen years ago, and have considered life bliss ever since they found each other. Both have learning disabilities, but that did not seperate them from leading a great life.

He cooks the meals for them, she does the dishes, he carries her in his arms when in need, and she cheers him up when he feels drenched.

Supporting each other in every mile they cover together, they hold on to their stable jobs and very recently managed to pay off the mortgage on their condo, all by themselves. The Zeilbergers have gone through every challenge and come out with flying colors, together!

Nicole Brobeck and Curtis Braxton are another couple that celebrates life each day. Brobeck is afflicted with Cerebral Palsy while Raxton has Hydrocephalus Disorder. They tied the knot in 2007 and world has changed for them since then.

They both struggled and earn sufficiently for a happy and satisfied life, and are so much in love today that Braxton’s Mom can't help saying, “There is no disabled love. There is only true love. And they have it."

I’m sure by now many of you must be wondering and questioning the financial aspects of such couples.

“How are they going to live without strong financial backing?”

“Will they be capable enough to take care of each other financially?”

“Just having love doesn’t satisfy the needs for a normal livelihood, does it?”

Questions like these can better be answered by these couples for whom the scope of never-ending desires diminishes in the wake of love. Keeping together all of their individual earnings doubles the amount available, and when added with love, it narrows limitations even further.

As for the insufficient sexua life, in some cases due of health reasons, marriage is about platonic love as well.

So why should they not they tie the knot?

Give it some thought.

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  1. Puspendra
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  2. Winnie
    Vote no 6. Every one needs a partner in life. Anyone should not be denied of choosing his soul mate because of his physical weakness. This is a very beautiful blog. Your views express the rare thoughtfulness that you apply here. Disability is not a taboo and shall be overcome. Every person has right to live a happy life.
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  3. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    Voted...beautiful story
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  4. Ann
    A very good blog.....full of inspiration.
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  5. pftsusan
    I feel very strong about this because my cousin, with severe cerebral palsy, and his EMT driver (who is ambulatory) feel in love with each other. They got married two years ago. They were engaged for five years before hand. Soul mates. Everything was right about this. Voted.
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  6. parneesha211
    true soulmates..voted!!
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    Absolutely a beauty subject, presented with such elan...........I am floored! Surely, the basis of healthy + long term relationship is based on mutual understanding & admiration .. & not just platonic love or lust!! Beautiful Blog. Voted & sincerely hoping that this makes to the top.
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  8. Jay
    I loved every word of this blog. Good work shabs online.
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  9. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. A very touching blog and I completely agree! Please check out my latest, Money Talks If You Are Blind!, and vote if you like it, thanks! :-)
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  10. SignLanguage
    That is a good post. It follows the same idea as mine called Deafies in a Wheelchair - and you proved that I'm right! voted! When you have the chance, stop by my new post, The Roots of Sign Languages, and vote if you like it!
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  11. KatieBell
    The Dissablity is not a wall between you and your success. It's all about how motivated are you towards your goals. I have read many stories of disabled people at where they completed their goals without being hesitated due to their disability. Make yourself stronger by your mind and have a strength to dream and accomplish it!
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  12. williamsmith
    The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. One of our favorite ways to ignite this passion and jumpstart a happier and healthier lifestyle is by reading some amazing and motivating quotes from outstanding Writers at
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  13. itsmonika
    Holding such activities for special children are necessary to give them a purpose and keep them busy in their life. Thanks for sharing this great and valuable post here.
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  14. aree338
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  15. alex john
    Thanks to online classes, such people are also getting chances to participate equally with others and about their assignments service, which offer special services to such people. My sister was incapable of focusing on reading due to ADHD. Whenever she faced an issue, I told her, “Let me by the professionals.” Those people have always been a great deal of help to us.
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