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Why Put Limits on Theme Park Designs?
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Why Put Limits on Theme Park Designs?

The designers who run the website believe that today’s theme parks have created unnecessary limits, when it comes to creating each park’s design. Until now they have kept their ideas to themselves. However, after learning about the policy changes at the different Disney parks, those designers wanted to put forth their own ideas. They felt that their solutions could be used to supplement or substitute for the choices made by Disney.

Their suggestions have been spelled out in detail on this particular web page: There first suggestion deals specifically with the means for allowing entrance to those in wheelchairs. The designers believe that lines should be designed so that wheelchair-bound guests can wait alongside all the other guests.

Some people have problems waiting because of bowel or bladder problems. The designing experts suggest the placement of small bathrooms along the waiting line. Another suggestion concerns the creation of an alternative line. According to the designers’ thinking, it should be possible to create an algorithm that would determine the appropriate wait time for each line.

Finally, the designing professionals point-out the ways that everyone could be made more comfortable, while forced to wait for a chance to take a ride. They emphasize the wisdom of shading the outdoor waiting area, so that everyone is protected from the sun’s rays. Then, they suggest that the introduction of shading be supplemented by the presence of fans and misting devices.

The team that came-up with these recommendations is ready to study the feedback. It invites site visitors to submit other suggestions. Certainly the readers of this blog would be willing to review the posted details. Once they have read those details, then the same readers should be ready to use the contact information, and to convey their feelings about the possible ways to supplement or substitute for Disney’s solution.



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