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Will Apple Keep up Its Good Work for the Blind and Deaf?
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Will Apple Keep up Its Good Work for the Blind and Deaf?

The Apple Company has been giving us amazing and fantastic gadgets, devices and even apps to use and enjoy, and make life easier, simpler, and more convenient. Apple even offered its services to those people with disabilities by creating apps that they can access and use. However, there has been a misunderstanding between the company and the National Federation of the Blind, wherein Apple was questioned if it still can keep up its good work.

The National Federation of the Blind or the NFB passed a resolution just recently wherein it calls upon the company, Apple, to work more and develop apps that have features that are more accessible to users with disabilities. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding.

The Reuters, an international news agency, took things differently. While the resolution is being reviewed and pondered, this news agency created a misleading article wherein they mentioned that the NFD and Apple are not in really good terms. The article written by Christina Farr in which she title it with “Advocates for Blind and Deaf, want more from Apple”.

The article writer included in her write up another misleading quote, wherein she stated that Apple’s Tim Cook stated that the company was sued by NFB 6 years ago. The article caught a bit of attention and created some sort of ruckus.

With the commotion and disturbance made by the Reuters, NFB president was prompted to make a statement to clear up the misunderstanding. President Mark A Riccobono penned a letter to end the misunderstanding created by the Reuters’ misleading article.

Riccobono stated in his letter that Apple has made outstanding services to them and the federation and even to people across the globe. He also stated that they have even duly recognized the company’s exceptional efforts by giving them awards, and have given praises in public to make people aware of exemplary work for the organization.

Despite the continued proliferation of inaccessible features and other applications, Riccobono said that they would still want to continue to work with the company. Apple has been a great help to them and it does not matter if there are a few apps that cannot be used by people with disabilities.

Riccobono believes that the company will still continue to do more great things and make more improvements on its services. As of today, NFB and Apple are working together for the good of the disabled people. With that, Apple indeed is still keeping up its good and exceptional work.

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