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Wisconsin to Wrigley: A Wheel Chair Marathon for Charity
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Wisconsin to Wrigley: A Wheel Chair Marathon for Charity

With great courage comes great honor—that is exactly what differently-abled Dennis Schulze is showing us.

He uses his wheelchair to raise money for five charities which are close to his heart.

He hobbled his way to Wrigley Field on his prosthetic leg.

This by no means was a small journey and had started on December 16th at Beloit, Wisconsin.

Making use of his strong arms and one leg he was able to move his wheelchair almost a hundred mile towards his destination. However the last few steps he took on his prosthetic leg, showing the world that there is nothing greater than conviction and courage.

An inspiration for all

He wanted his journey to be an inspiration for others. It is often heartening to see people make great efforts for causes which are usually talked about but not a great deal is done for them. A few charities which he supports include American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association.

However, a determined approach towards raising money could help thousands of people live a better life. Plus such instances are something which definitely prompts you towards making a donation, no matter what.

The journey so far

The inspiration to undertake the journey came to him after the Cubs first victory in 108 years in the World Series.

He knew he couldn’t go sulking about what had happened to him.

Some four years ago before the historic win, Dennis suffered a car accident around Chicago’s border. For hours he was pinned under the wreckage of his semi.

He knew one thing, and that was that he wanted to live. He kept shouting out to people who were rescuing him that he didn’t want to die. It was his tough luck that part of his leg had to be taken off to get him out safe.

As soon as he started to recover, life served him one curveball after the other. First he lost his dad to Alzheimer’s and soon his mother too lost her fight with lung cancer. It had a deep impact on him and thus also explains the reason for his desire to help the charities associated with these.

Dennis was brave enough to plow ahead with his journey despite extreme weather conditions. He witnessed sub-zero temperatures, heavy snow fall and even made do with a lift from a small time cop. He was escorted safely and at the end of the journey was recipient of the salute from the good cop who helped him.

He was accompanied by his close friend Joan Sohn, who followed him all the way through his journey. Despite refusal from Dennis she became his one-woman crew. They made eight mile long journeys and would often have to stay in hotels, once at a church basement and once in the car only.

At the end of his journey, he was received with rounds of clapping and cheers

He wants people to know that there are good people out there in the world and they can care for you deeply without any desire for rewards and acknowledgment. He normally feels happy when people recognize him for his efforts.

If you have felt touched by his story make sure you donate generously to his cause by visiting his Go Fund Me page.

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    Thanks for the post, Davin! What an incredible journey.
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