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Working for Humanity
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Working for Humanity

As responsible members of the society, we should strive to look for opportunities to play our part in improving our community. This may be done in several ways; helping the less fortunate by giving out money, assisting the disabled and elderly to minimize any inconveniences, or even trying to meet new people from the community and form a bond with them.

In order to highlight the importance of these sentiments, the Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity (VVHFH), a local non-profit organization in Cottonwood, Arizona, has been working with local families to help build their future for quite some time. To further emphasize upon the importance of working for the betterment of humanity, the organization is building wheelchair ramps for people who cannot afford them.

Working to Develop Communities

This non-profit organization was created in 1995 by charitable community members and skilled low-income workers to provide interest-free house building facility to the local community. They provide a twenty to thirty year interest-free mortgage to needy families who cannot afford to make their own houses. This organization also offers community members a chance to volunteer and contribute financially for the uplifting of the local community. Other than constructing homes for the less fortunate, VVHFH is also assisting in building wheelchair ramps for people with impaired movement to provide them easy access to their homes.

Critical Home Repair Program

VVHFH has started another community welfare project known as the ‘Critical Home Repair Program’, under which it will provide several services free of cost to the elderly, the veterans, and the people who have low incomes. These services will also include repairing houses and building wheelchair ramps.

It is no secret that people with physical disabilities use wheelchairs to move about. This is why it becomes a major issue if a house or any other building does not have a wheelchair ramp for access. Consequently, the people at VVHFH have taken it upon themselves to make people’s lives easier by putting in ramps to various houses. Several wheelchair ramps have already been constructed for deserving community members, and VVHFH aims to continue working for the betterment of humanity in the same way.

Requirements for the Critical Home Repair Program

In order to avail this opportunity, applicants must fulfill various requirements. Firstly, the gross income of the family must be in the thirty to sixty percent range of the Yavapai County median income. Secondly, the applicant must own the house and lastly, their taxes should be up-to-date at the time of application. If the applicants fulfill all of these conditions and want to take advantage of the Critical Home Repair Program, they may apply to VVHFH and get any of the services included in the program for free.

The Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity teaches us that we should all endeavor to work for the development of our local communities. If we help the people around us, it will help create an environment that promotes kindness and love towards others. VVHFH is working for humanity for this very purpose, and their newest program is a testament to how pure their motives are.


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