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Working Out: Is it Hard to do?
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Working Out: Is it Hard to do?

We know it can be difficult to get or stay in shape when faced with a limitation in mobility. Here are some solutions for the workout woes. 

Ask Questions

As someone in a wheelchair, there are certain questions that may come to mind when looking into working out or training in a gym. The biggest question to come to mind for a person in a wheelchair is, is it accessible and is there adequate room to maneuver around? Before applying at a gym make sure to schedule a tour

Some of the things to keep an eye on while looking for a place to work out are:

  • Is most of the equipment that I would be using in a general area that I can get to with ease?
  • Who can I find that would be as comfortable working out with me as I would with them?
  • How accessible are the locker rooms and if they have a spa or steam room and pool area?
  • If you’re looking for a cardio workout you will also want to find out if the gym has a track and if it is accessible.

Work Out at Home

Some people may not be comfortable with working out in public or paying so much for a monthly/annual fee. In this case there’s always the alternative of working out at or around the home.

  • You can invest in weight or other exercise equipment
  • Take a nice leisurely roll around the neighborhood or a nearby park
  • If money is tight you can make your own weights at home

Work outs at home can be an investment. If you want to you can buy equipment like a bench or free weights; you can also find house hold things you can use to do a workout.

Working out at home does have its disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is distractions. I’m not talking about if the television or radio is on or even if the phone won’t stop ringing distractions. Work and family commitments can cut major time into working out, though they can be worked around. You can always do a workout after work before going home.

If you want to try and work around these distractions you could always think of chores as being a good source of workout, cleaning or yard work can be a good way to workout. 

You can even go for a stroll with the family if you’re looking for a cardio workout to get your heart going, the best part of taking the loved ones with you when you go for your evening stroll is that you’re not only getting your cardio in, but you also don’t have to feel alone while you’re working out.

If you want to work out or exercise there’s always a way. If you want to work out at a gym, make sure to find a place that is accessible. Find people that won’t be shy in helping you out or that will just work out with you. If you are not comfortable working out in public or at a gym, you can either invest in equipment for your home or find the time to work out in or around the home. Remember, even everyday household chores can be a good work out for you, take time to learn a strategy that works for your situation. Don’t get discouraged as it can take some time to find the perfect strategy. Good luck and stay safe!

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