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Workout Bootcamp for People Who Use Wheelchairs
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Workout Bootcamp for People Who Use Wheelchairs

Boot camps are one of the latest trends in the fitness world. Team-oriented, instructor-driven exercise methods are a super way for people to get fit, make new friends and push their bodies to the limit. One boot camp in Sydney, Australia, has added an extra twist to the formula by offering a workout boot camp specifically designed for people who use wheelchiars. This exciting new program shows that, even with disabilities, people can find the motivation and determination to take part in vigorous exercise routines. The Wheelchair Boot Camp, as it is known, is a great initiative and will hopefully pave the way for additional exercise programs catered to various groups of people.

The man behind this particular boot camp is former Australian basketball coach, Benjamin Osborne. Osborne has previously worked for several years with the Australian Gliders, the nation’s official wheelchair basketball team who managed to claim the silver medal at the 2012 edition of the Paralympic Games. Osborne believes that his history of working with award-winning athletes and his no-nonsense attitude will combine to make this boot camp especially effective. He claims he will challenge each participant and won’t be going easy on the people who decide to sign up. This boot camp is clearly designed to push people above and beyond their limits, but Osborne will still be taking his team’s bodily conditions into account.

The former basketball coach is working hard to design tailor-made programs for every individual, depending on their own fitness levels, physical capacity, and ultimate goals. The people taking part in the boot camp have a variety of disabilities, so each person's workout needs to be specifically tailored. Osborne has also discussed the importance of not pushing wheelchair-users too hard from an upper body perspective. For example, intense arm or shoulder workouts can leave people with sore muscles. An individual with mobility issues will often rely on their arms and upper body strength to perform all sorts of daily tasks, like moving around or using the bathroom.

That said, the coach has also revealed that he has been very impressed by the intensity of the people who have signed up for his boot camp. Wheelchair users are at higher risks of obesity, after all, and the various cardiovascular conditions that go along with weight gain. This is because these folks burn less calories, unable to use their legs. This may be one of the reasons Osborne has witnessed such high levels of motivation among his group. He reports that he has even had to instruct members of the team to slow down with their exercises, so as not to wear themselves out. The determination of the group is clearly inspiring and should encourage more members to sign themselves up. Either way, it’s important to see what trainers like Osborne are trying to cater to people from all walks of life.

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