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Wow! Customizable Prosthetic Art!
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Wow! Customizable Prosthetic Art!

I must admit that coming up with a title for this post has been difficult because I couldn't contain my excitement. You see, I've recently read an article on CNN about prosthetic art and my mind was totally blown. (Here: CNN)

Enter the world of tailor made prosthetic art

Wow, just wow.

I mean, robotic prosthetics in our lifetime, yep - awesome. But art in prosthetics! Way cool!

Turning these mostly impersonal and artificial limbs into one of the greatest expressions of the human soul was simply - awe inspiring.

I know that the concept is not totally and completely new, but think of it in terms of perception and overall impact. 

How many times have you experienced this: You're walking down the street with your titanium alloy prosthetic and as much as people try to avoid staring at it - they still do. That initial moment, turns into a different emotion as they realize that it's a prosthetic. 

It's different for every person and on every level - but all of that perception is changed once they see it as art and not a disability. 

Art is universal, art is freedom and turning one of your limbs into art takes the game of perception to a whole new different level. 


Right then and there, I proceeded to take a look at the website of the people who began this awesome project: 

On their website it says:

"The Alternative Limb Project offers a personal and friendly bespoke service, which provides unique prosthetics to blend in with the body or stand out as a unique piece of art, reflecting the wearer’s imagination, personality and interests. We will involve the wearer in all stages of the process from conception of ideas to the final work. An alternative-style limb can help to break down social barriers, delight the eye and provide an unusual talking point." ~The Alternative Limb Project

It's customizable so you need not worry about DIY prosthetic projects blowing way out of proportion, leaving you with well, overly artistic limbs.  

This is going to be a BIG fashion trend 

Viktoria Modesta Moskalova, a singer, songwriter and performing artist said it best:

"The first time I wore a limb that was so obviously BIONIC, it gave me a total sense of uniqueness and feeling of mutant human in the best way possible. It was really fascinating watching people's reactions because most of them were speechless. Some had never stood next to a person with a prostethic limb and the ideas they might have of what an amputee might look or act like is, in most cases, negative. So when they do clock my appearance and then see the leg, it is very challenging for them.

Three years after the amputation, I then saw it as an opportunity to regard the leg as a fashion item and an art project which seemed rather fun and exciting.

She's on twitter, by the way - @ViktoriaModesta

Watch her performance in the London Paralympics Closing Ceremony:

I'll leave it up to you to discover and explore the possibilities of art in prosthetics.

How about you?

If you have prosthetics and if you could turn them into art, how would you make them?

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  1. pftsusan
    This is a great solution. Thank you for writing this and sharing it. I'm sharing this for you too.
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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Thank you Susan, I'd love that thank you.
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  2. Rolling STICKSandSTONES
    This blows my mind just as it did yours when you seen it on CNN Thank you for sharing, you might really enjoy my recent post,
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