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Wusul Delivers Innovative Wheelchair Vehicles
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Wusul Delivers Innovative Wheelchair Vehicles

Wheelchair technology is an exciting and ever-changing field, with countless inventors, corporations, and individuals working day and night to improve the standard of life for differently-abled individuals. Two companies that have decided to combine forces in order to develop better wheelchairs are Lateral Design UK and BVD Middle East. Together, these two organizations have created a new brand of wheelchair, called Wusul. Wusul was just recently able to launch a new wheelchair access vehicle, commonly referred to as a WAV, at the 2015 edition of the Dubai International Motor Show.

This new brand is an exciting and innovative endeavor from the two aforementioned companies, with the new WAV set to be available all around the GCC. Differently-abled individuals from various countries in this region will be able to purchase the vehicle and even request their own individual modifications if necessary, and a whole range of automobile dealers will be stocking the new vehicle.

One unique feature of this venture is that BVD is prepared to offer WAVs that are inspired by multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) designs. This will allow wheelchair users enjoy all the comforts of a traditional MPV, rather than being restricted with their travel options to basic or van-like vehicles. The Chief Operating Officer of BVD, Bob Collier, revealed that the new company’s aim is to allow wheelchair users to be able to ride with their friends and family just like anyone else, instead of being forced to feel left out. Collier added that the entire catalog of designs was developed with ease of access and a sense of dignity in mind. Essentially, these vehicles allow wheelchair users to travel in comfort and style.

To get things started, Wusul will be offering a WAV based on the popular Kia Carnival, but plans are already in place to develop additional designs based on models from other manufacturers like Mercedes, Fiat and more. The vehicles all undergo strict testing to ensure that they meet both European and GCC safety standards. This should help ease any doubts or fears anyone might have when purchasing one of these new WAVs. For Wusul, safety is one of the top concerns.

One of the main goals for the team working at Wusul is to develop wheelchair access vehicles which look and function just like traditional vehicles. This company refreshingly believes that differently-abled individuals shouldn’t have to make these kinds of inconvenient sacrifices or compromises in their personal lives. This is why all of the Wusul vehicles are registered just like normal cars and function in the exact same way as the original models. The technology powering these machines is being developed in the UK and comes with one additional bonus-- most wheelchair users are actually able to get themselves into the vehicle without any assistance. Again, this helps differently-abled individuals enjoy perfectly normal lives and have a stronger sense of independence.

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