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You Are Superman
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You Are Superman

It’s hard being young and facing most challenges. Not being aware of how to cope plays a major part in the struggle. Not everyone is looking for a way to fit in, but kids for the most part care. Luckily they have wheelchair bound geniuses to look up to, technology to look forward to and an adjusted society that welcomes every unique person. After school activities as well as gym class are both ideal destinations to look forward to in school. Sounds scary but in reality, we have geniuses like Stephen Hawkings who have made being smart cool despite any condition. Its universal, math clubs, science clubs, after school gatherings where the smart kids strive provide a less judgmental environment. These kids see smarts and fun and will most likely become your best friends in life. The biggest setback used to be sports but today we have the Olympics, where wheelchair bound people look like super heroes. A few of these sports can be played in gym class where they can show off skills that billions of people tune in to watch on TV. Popularity booster one would think. Let's also not forget to mention that Christopher reeve became a wheelchair bound just to fit in with the cool kids. He told me himself. Don't ever let things set you back where there's a will there's a way and the world is shaping itself to be your oyster. It sure didn't faze Christopher when he decided to continue acting and played a classic role in Smallville one of the top grossing TV series on the journey of Superman. But what's even harder is being yourself, start there and I am sure you'll be satisfied.

I post here as often as I can, visit my site for more of me, and check out my project it will make your day that much better.

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  1. pftsusan
    There is murderball, wheelchair basketball, baseball, Ms Wheelchair Zumba, all us cpt's training special needs in the gym or at home, heros at the special needs gym. The special needs and wheelchair population training with regular members at the public gyms. Wheelchair kids who have cpt's and coaches. We have come a long way as a society. Great post.
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  2. Broken English
    Broken English
    Great blog, voted. My latest blog is Superman-themed as well - I just posted it, then saw this one! Check out mine if you get a chance, you might find it of interest (great minds must be thinking alike here!)
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  3. DanielCerritos
    Nice blog, love your insights. I shared this with my workers at our weekly meeting at
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