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You Should Meet Lizzy Goddard
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You Should Meet Lizzy Goddard

Lizzy Goddard is making a difference for people with chronic diseases using the social media. She is using her space to encourage people to be positive and see beyond the chronic illness. If you want to meet someone who is positive about life, you should meet Lizzy Goddard.

Lizzy was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Me at the age of 16, a condition characterized by chronic pains which are widespread. Most of her time is spent in bed and when she has work to do, she cannot work for many hours as her condition can trigger heightened and painful response to pressure.

When she started posting pictures of things she had bought, people with her condition got interested with some of the things she used to stay strong and positive as well as give comfort needed. She saw a niche that she capitalized by starting an online shop specialized in re-selling products that people with chronic illness found to be useful.

The online shop called The Pillow Fort targets those people who have a chronic illness and sleeping is not just a basic need by a therapy to them. Her aim is to instill positive thoughts to her target group and provide comforting products that are enjoyable to use.

Today she has expanded her project to include an online magazine and a Facebook group- Pillow Fighters Club-which has grown to 350 members.

A look at typical day for Lizzy Goddard

Her day starts with stretching-yoga- to release the stiffness and pain. After she is relaxed she spends most of her days behind the computer engaging with her friends or running her online business. All these are done without causing too much pressure to the body which with her condition can lead to pain.

Though it’s not easy for her to get out the house often she puts effort to do so at least once in a week, by engaging in charity work at Nottingham Women’s center or just walking to the post office and back. This has boosted her self confidence and by sharing her day’s achievements with the group, encouraging her friends to get out of the house too.

The Pillow Fighters Club

The group consists of young people with chronic disease-some too ill to get out of the bed- who get together and encourage each other to live positively. They believe once you fed your mind with positive vibes, you are in a better position to cope with the physical illness.

One of the rules of this group is positive contributions and nothing less. If you are the “wallowy type” sorry this group is not meant for you.

To this group even the seemingly small like being able to get out of the house to meet with friends are great achievements which are shared and celebrated by the group members.

Importance of technology to people with chronic illness

For some people with chronic illness who spent most of their time in bed, modern technology has helped them to interact with people at the comfort of their bed with minimal effort. Some all too ill to even go to school and the internet helps them to connect with their peers.

Challenges faced by the Pillow Fighters Club

Some people criticize Lizzy Goddard for creating an all positive space and not accommodating those who cannot always be positive. But her response to critics is to join other groups which don’t advocate for all positive contribution.

Are you a young person who spends most of the time in bed due to chronic illness and looking for a positive group that will help you see beyond the illness and live positively? You should meet Lizzy Goddard and join her group.

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