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You Thought What About My Disability?!
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You Thought What About My Disability?!

Do disabled people marry?”   “Can they have kids?” “Do they drive?”  “They probably don’t have sex or even want to.”

I’m sure you’ve heard people making these statements from time to time, it was all the time back when I was growing up but times are changing. Thank you, “Push Girls” and many others who show the world that we are not asexual. We are not just sitting in our houses watching TV while our lives go by. I’m sure there are a few of those individuals, but you have people like that in the able-bodied  world too. 

When I was young, it was as if disabled people were just assumed to be asexual. A woman in a wheelchair was deemed as nothing more than an old maid who would never marry or have kids or (god forbid), have sex in her life time. I mean who on earth would want to sleep with someone defected? Growing up with this rolling around in your brain messes with a woman’s body image, and she doesn’t see herself as sexy and a real woman that she is.

Same for a guy, except the standards were somewhat different for the women. But men had trouble too because men are supposed to take care of and protect ,and when disabled some of that ability is often taken away so it often follows that the guy has low self-esteem.

But there’s a new dawn. There's a new-age  brewing for everyone with a disability, and I like to thank the internet for making us more visible and giving us a voice and a place to share ideas and communicate, no matter who we are. It has changed many lives, improved others, and addicted some. But such is life. If it wasn’t the internet, it would be something else. I would have never met some of my awesome (kick butt) friends if it weren't for the internet, and I wouldn't have met the man of my dreams without the internet dating site where we met.

I've noticed a change in people with disabilities feeling more confident and empowered since the rise of the internet. Everyone is figuring out what we already knew. That disabled people are just like anyone else. We want the exact same things in life.

So yes… 

  • We want to get married.
  • We have sex.
  • We want kids.
  • We want a career and have goals.
  • We want an accessible house with the picket fence.
  • We want the American dream.
  • We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.
  • Finding appropriate accessible housing is a joke, being able to afford a car/Van & PCA & Medical & all things disabled is really expensive.
  • To find a job that won’t cut off Medicare, so you can have health care, which helps pay for PCA’s (Personal Care Attendant) so you can get to that job, pay for that house, and have it be accessible for your family.



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