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[Zoom]Ability: The All-Weather All-Terrain Vehicle
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[Zoom]Ability: The All-Weather All-Terrain Vehicle

What is the Zoom Ability? It's an all-terrain vehicle that is drastically changing lives. Wheelchairs are a great, but they have their limitations. With a Zoom vehicle, you can venture out into the woods or the beach. The freedom to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature once again. I prefer to call it Zoom ABILITY. Designed and constructed in Sweden, the company has plans to make the product available in America. I have driven the Zoom and really enjoyed it's power and freedom. It provides for the ability to go from the woods, and shopping downtown. The Zoom is driven just like a motorcycle, with hand throttle and brakes. There is even a cruise control for steady speed. This allows the driver to concentrate on safely navigating the surroundings. The four large wheels give it the traction and agility to handle a variety of surfaces. The power source is battery, a full charge takes five hours. The Zoom weighs approximately 75 Kgs.

The size of the Zoom can be loaded into large SUV vehicles. Check out specifications of the Zoom vehicles ahead of time. This will allow you to determine it's perimeters of loading and unloading the Zoom will work for you. The Zoom, renewed my joy and fun of driving again. It really embodies the feeling you might get when driving a go-cart. Imagine the freedom of exploring new destinations not available to you before. Think about the ability to go off road, fishing, camping, in all four seasons. The weather is never a factor with the Zoom Ability. This vehicle allows the rider to become adventures and go where you decide. How about no longer thinking about whether or not your vehicle could navigate the ever changing landscape?

This vehicle has a very bright future. Please visit Zoomability on Youtube for videos in Swedish and English. Visit the company for more details on renting or purchasing the Zoom Abilty products. 

Phone +46 (0) 21 4153 00 SWEDEN Tell ZOOMABILITY Frank Molina, Sent YOU

Contact Info Frank Molina Domaregatan 1b 82443 Hudiksvall, Sweden Phone  +46 72 214 5686 Email



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  1. Tara Richardson
    Tara Richardson
    All my gear head friends would love this chair.. Great Post!
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