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Ziesel Offers to be the Best Hybrid Option
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Ziesel Offers to be the Best Hybrid Option

Is it a wheelchair or is it a tank? This would be your first question when you take a look at this hybrid vehicle. A glimpse of this vehicle will not be able to answer your question. You need to take more than just a glance! This incredible hybrid vehicle known as Ziesel to one and all proves to be a travel solution for the handicapped. Immobility, or dependence in terms of mobility, happens to be one of the major curses that most handicapped people have to deal with on a daily basis. Not being able to walk, being dependent on others for some of the basic tasks, most of which all of you take for granted, are woes of the handicapped. Though wheelchairs have provided them with legs, they have not made the handicapped completely mobile. They have not given them the wings that they desire to posses. There’s more to mobility than a basic wheelchair.

Introducing the Ziesel Have you ever felt the need to go on an adventure trip all by yourself? What stops you from having one of those trips? It is probably your inability to walk around by your own that inhibits you from taking such random trips. What would you do when someone got you the mobility that you have been looking for? Ziesel is known to offer more than just legs to the handicapped. It proves to be a complete mobility solution for those who cannot walk on their own. The first question forming in your mind is, what is Ziesel? It is something between a scooter and a wheelchair; one can say it is a hybrid design of a scooter and a wheelchair. It is run using a diesel tread tank, and hence it is named Ziesel. Mattro, an Australian company, has designed this special wheelchair. This company is known for other custom built vehicles that work in farming and construction spaces. This is the first ever time it has come up with a vehicle that serves a different purpose.

How it Works? This hybrid scooter is made up of two synchronous motors that are devised using permanent magnets. Together these motors manage to vent out about 21 horsepower and 30 pound feet of torque. The Ziesel weighs about 460 pounds, and the energy released by the motors is enough to pull the Ziesel and get it into motion. This scooter is batter powered. The battery used to power it has a standby time of 4-5 hours, and the battery uses a power of 6kW to power up this device.  You can drive up to a maximum speed of 22MPH using this vehicle. At maximum speed, the battery life is reduced to half. The vehicle is controlled by a joystick. It feels like you are operating a video game, when riding this scooter. You can accelerate, apply brakes, and even reverse the scooter using the joystick. You will find three basic settings available with the scooter which helps you increase/decrease the power output for this hybrid scooter.

The Amazing Design The hybrid scooter has been designed to build. The design is not just sturdy but also reliable. It has a hand support which is a necessity especially on rough roads. It’s designed to appear like a monster machine. It’s got a sports vehicle look and appeal associated with it. The seat of the scooter is pretty comfortable; it has been designed keeping in mind the comfort needs of a handicapped person. The wooden surface is where the joystick is placed. So, why not get the hybrid scooter and enjoy a joy ride along all sorts of terrain?

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