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perfect flaw ( cp poem )
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perfect flaw ( cp poem )

You little perfect flaw

You little damaged brain

You try to defeat me

with electricity and rain.

This battle between you and I is leaving me cold

I want to be bold

Yet you're constantly telling me how weak, and helpless I am.

I want to rip you apart and burn you until you're gone.

But how can I do that when my brain

is literally the cause of my perfectly imperfect body.

we have a love-hate bond

and that will stay.

I like to think of you and I as separate entities

but together we make up the person I am.

It's a constant fight with you

I don't let you stop me you just do.

I can't control the choice you made

to live inside my soul.

you creep into my muscles

and set a fire.

making my body

ache with stiffness.


Or emotional pain today?

An explosion of cracked muscles and outbursts of tears.

I know because of you.

I am strong.

But sometimes I question if I'm strong enough.

How does one deal with the demons that attack their self worth and abilities?

Through this, I still believe that life will be beautiful once again.

but the ugliness of it can sneak up at any moment.

And trust me it doesn’t take long for the ugliness to appear

Sinking down into a black hole

When I scream no one hears me.

Because maybe those screams are in my head. You see it’s as if the beautiful and ugly parts of my existence are fighting one another.

Now, can’t you see how exhausting you are perfect flaw?

I hate that I can’t escape you and yet there is beauty within the cracks that are put together like a puzzle piece to form me in the image of God and all his glory.

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