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Lenin Moreno: A Wheelchair Didn't Stop Him from Becoming Ecuador's President
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Lenin Moreno: A Wheelchair Didn't Stop Him from Becoming Ecuador's President

Lenin Moreno was declared the winner of Ecuador's April 2 presidential election, making him the first individual with paraplegia to be chosen as a head of state in Latin America. Moreno, who filled in as VP of Ecuador under Raphael Correa from 2007-2013, barely crushed contender Guillermo Lasso to become the president of the South American nation.

Moreno was a member of the populist party, and crusaded on awareness and also the need to proceed with the social and neediness diminishment projects of Correa's "National's Revolution." The triumph comes as something of an amazement in South America, where liberal pioneers over the landmass have been cleared from control as of late.

Moreno started utilizing a wheelchair in 1998 after attackers shot him in the back amid a messed up burglary endeavor. He was at that point a lobbyist and included with Ecuador's political left before the shooting. A short time later, disability rights ended up plainly fundamental to his political vocation. While filling in as VP he actualized an assortment of projects for individuals with handicaps, passed comprehensive work laws, started introducing check cuts and open crosswalks all through the nation, and made a reserve to pay month to month stipends for individuals with inabilities who can't work.

Solidarity and social equity having been a managing standard of Moreno's political life. "Solidarity – not as philanthropy, but instead as acknowledgment of others as equivalents – is the essential column for starting social consideration," he wrote in 2012.

In 2012, Moreno was designated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in bringing Ecuador's incapacitated populace out of the shadows. From 2013-2017 he filled in as the U.N. uncommon emissary on handicap and availability rights before coming back to legislative issues to crusade for president.

Selena Flores, who's had paraplegia for a long time because of a car crash, got her first wheelchair because of one of Moreno's current projects. "He's brought us out of our disconnection," she told the Miami Herald. "We're not any more the disgrace to our families. Even a wheelchair couldn't stop him – there is ability in disability." 

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    Hmm, wheelchair couldn't stop him, oh yes!
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    I am very happy for him! So impressive
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