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Social Media and Disability
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Social Media and Disability

Social media has done a lot of good for the promotion of disability rights. Over the years, social media has been a mobilization and sensitization platform. Social media is being used as an education center too, it has helped in educating people about disability. Many people only know about visible disabilities until lately when stories of invisible disability became a trend across social media. This brings us to the question, does social media play a key role in educating people about invisible disabilities? 

Jameisha Prescod runs "You Look Okay to Me," an Instagram account that educates people with live videos. Social media is a lifeline for Jameisha and allows her to teach others and find acceptance.

Online communities that connect you to people your age with your condition are important. They also can educate society. How are people supposed to know about our conditions unless we tell them?

Social media can be used to change society’s ideas and biased towards disability. “Bella” is a camgirl who uses social media in a very different way. She uploads frequent photographs and videos using an automatic webcam, building an online character for herself via social media. The internet lets her be who she wants to be, uninhibited by the common misperceptions surrounding her wheelchair.

Social media hashtags have been used to canvass for disability rights and support, social media has helped people with disabilities connect with their loved ones and it has also helped them enjoy inclusion.

There are a number of bullies on social media, but the positive energy towards representation and portrayal of disability on social media has helped keep them in check.

Today, social media has brought the world together and everything evolves around inclusion, unity, and accessibility. Social media is used for entertainment and education, but it also serves as a medium to earn passive income through monetized platforms such as YouTube and blogs.

Image credit: CEFutcher

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  1. Hegowees
    Social media and disability, Social media is the platform where we never hide any of the disability. This couple have such and really disability items, They are doing all the informative working on and never hide the fact from some any of the social media writing app.
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