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Traveling - “a basic human right for inclusion and diversity"
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Traveling - “a basic human right for inclusion and diversity"

One of the reasons we are entitled to accessibility and inclusive society is that traveling is “a basic human right for inclusion and diversity.”

According to MS. Brett Heising, the founder of Brettapproved, a website that uses user-generated content to rate locations based on accessibility, "Everyone does travel, either for holidays or business, everyone deserves to enjoy accessibility to wherever they want to travel too."

30 years after ADA was passed into law, traveling with a physical disability is still a challenge. There is lot of inaccessible places today where the elevator and low-grade ramp would have helped become accessible. Unfortunately, many places of interest don't have the level of accessibility that accommodates everyone. 

Aradhana Khowala, a steering committee member for the World Tourism Forum Lucerne said, "Getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing different places through travel has shaped my worldview and the way I interact with others. I could go to the places I visited because they are accessible. I rode my wheelchair with ease around Santorini, a very accessible European city. I hope to show other people with disabilities that they are capable of seeing the globe."

"For people with disabilities who want to travel, it is advisable to get information on the accessibility standard of where they are visiting, it is important to do much research ahead of time to avoid negative experience," Eric Lipp, executive director for the Open Doors Organization, a nonprofit that helps businesses serve people with disabilities said.

Planning ahead of any trip is very important, in-depth research about a destination will eliminate a great number of unforeseen problems you may face. Be clear about what you need and triple-check accessible accommodations.

Brettapproved has proven itself as one of the best go-to websites that offer ratings of places based on the experiences of those with disabilities, caretakers, family members, and friends, so it is advisable to read through the website when planning on your next travel.

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